who we are

Kibo’s mission is to educate connected innovators who use technology to solve pressing problems.

We’re living in an age of transformation, and technology is changing the way we live, learn, and work. The leaders of the future will be those who harness new technologies, whether it’s using biotech to produce new medicines, artificial intelligence to build autonomous vehicles, or machine learning to optimize energy use. The future belongs to the technologically literate.

Sadly, too many brilliant people are locked out of education opportunities to participate in the coming technological revolution. Kibo is going to change that. We believe everyone deserves access to the skills and network to thrive. We’re rethinking higher education to deliver economic and social prosperity to people everywhere.

Our affordable and high-quality programs enable anyone to build a foundation for the jobs of the future. Our programs are 100% online, so location is not a barrier. Our platform drives deeper learning by combining personalized content, learning community, and mentorship.

We offer a high-demand, job-ready technical degree in Computer Science. But students at Kibo learn more than how to code. Our interdisciplinary core curriculum, based on the Human Skills Matrix, builds essential skills in communication, critical thinking, leadership, and self-management.

Meet the team

Emeka Okonkwo
Business Analyst
George Kagwe
Marketing & Recruitment
Keno Omu
Ope Bukola
Rob Cobb
Curriculum Engineering

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Join us to unlock human potential. We’re looking for entrepreneurial leaders, eager to reimagine higher education that is more equitable, relevant, and transformative.