Introduction to Data Science

About the Program

Data science is applicable to a myriad of professions, and analyzing large amounts of data is a common application of computer science. This course empowers students to analyze data and produce data-driven insights. During this class, you will:

  • Evaluate the quality, usefulness, and limitations of a dataset
  • Conduct statistical analysis of data, and draw meaningful and scientific inferences from data
  • Apply data to make informed predictions about possible outcomes

Data analysis requires acquiring and cleaning data from various sources including the web, APIs, and databases. In this 5-week class, you will learn techniques for summarizing and exploring data with tools like spreadsheets, SQL, R, and Python. You will also learn to create data visualizations and practice communication and storytelling with data. Finally, you will be introduced to machine learning techniques of prediction and classification, which will prepare you for the advanced study of data science


The class is completely free of charge. To be admitted to the class, you must:

  • Be 16-28 years old
  • Currently live in Africa
  • Be proficient in written and spoken English
  • Have basic proficiency in computer usage, though no prior knowledge of coding is expected

May 6 - June 7, 2024
10 - 15 hours weekly

What students are saying

Having Alex as a mentor helps me to understand how the tech world works, and He gives me amazing insight into what my future could look like.

Mercy W.
Nairobi, Kenya

With the help of my mentor, I have been able to access myself and develop a learning pattern that will be highly beneficial to my long-term success.

Wilhelmina A
Accra, Ghana

My mentor has always been there for me. We have meetings often and I keep him posted on my growth.

Ayomide O
Abeokuta, Nigeria

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