One thing I found valuable about the community was the readiness of instructors and other students to help you with any challenge you're facing.

Sagamu, Nigeria

I wasn't expecting so much feedback and reinforcement and support. It surprised me in a good way. And the projects and assignments really challenged me.

Lagos, Nigeria

I didn't expect it to be so fun. The best part was team-building and relating to others. I saw so many different solutions to problems when we were working together.

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

I have grown so much in confidence now, and for the first time I could work with someone virtually to build a project. The excitement from completing projects is incomparable.

Accra, Ghana

I was able to ask mentors questions and I got an idea of the life of a software engineer. Hearing their advice made me certain that I chose the right career path.

Lagos, Nigeria

The best part was learning with people from different countries and collaborating with the squad. I enjoyed interacting with people that are not in Kenya.

Utawala, Kenya

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