Do you have what it takes to be world-class? Our cutting-edge curriculum is designed to help you do challenging and rewarding work. We’ve partnered with organizations ready to hire skilled graduates.


We’re excited to launch the Kibo GitStart combo: master the fundamentals with Kibo, graduate to hacking on production codebases with GitStart –  Corentin Trebaol, GitStart

There is no better way to learn than by working on real products. So we’ve partnered with Gitstart the leading global career accelerator for developers.   During the 4th term of study, Kibo learners will have the opportunity to join Gitstart’s talent pool and get paid to contribute to real codebases. We’re working closely with their team to make sure your classes and projects prepare you to pass GitStart’s high entry bar.


Gebeya, is the premier talent marketplace for freelance talent in Africa. Through our exclusive partnership, 30 learners will have the opportunity to join Gebeya’s talent pool and get a paid internship starting in the 4th term of their studies.

Mentors make a difference

Your learning team at Kibo has one goal: launch you into an impactful career. Along with making sure you have the skills to succeed, we help you build your network. You will be matched with a professional mentor and meet with them regularly. Your mentor give you an insider’s view of working in the tech industry, and help you prepare for interviews. Our mentors come from top tech companies including Google, Meta, Amazon, Airbnb, Shopify and more.

How Kibo prepares you for work

Your classes focus on building projects and practical application

Hear from David, a Software Engineer at Verkada about why this matters.

You will learn computer science fundamentals 

Hear from Raphael, a Software Engineer at Shopify about why this matters.

You will become a master communicator and collaborator, and build great relationships

Hear from Abisoye, Software Engineer at Affirm on why this matters

You will become a life-long learner and learn to adapt to new technologies.

Hear from Nabila, a Software Engineer at Google about why this matters.

Ready to build a high impact career?