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We’re building a movement to bring computer science education to young people in Africa.


Work with the next generation of talent. Our curriculum takes students through 1200+ hours of training in computer science, software development, and teamwork in their first year alone. The majority of classwork is project-based, which enables students to demonstrate mastery through portfolios. All students are required to complete an internship or industry challenge at the end of Year 1. Is your company interested in hiring an intern or designing a challenge?


We partner with forward-thinking African universities to bridge the technology skills gaps and prepare African youth for high-growth, high-impact careers. Want to bring our world-class education to your institutions?

Secondary Schools

We offer free programs for African secondary schools to engage students in computational thinking. Your school can participate in the Math Challenge, a virtual competition showcasing senior secondary math enthusiasts across Africa. Students can also apply to Try Kibo, our free introductory programming classes.