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Invest in your future

Paying for an education is a significant investment. We are committed to making Kibo affordable and accessible, and offer scholarships and financial aid.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition is a flat fee of US$500 per quarterly term. Each term lasts about 3 months. The tuition costs to earn your certificate is:

  • Diploma: US$2000 (1 year, 4 terms)
  • Bachelor’s degree: US$6000 (3 years, 12 terms)

In addition to tuition, you should prepare for the cost of equipment. This includes a laptop in Year 1 if needed (estimated US$600) as well as internet data to support your learning.

Scholarships and Aid

We are committed to accessibility, and provide scholarships and financial aid to help you afford your education.

Every applicant will have the option to submit an application to be considered for scholarships.  We cannot guarantee that we will meet 100% of financial need and you should expect to make a meaningful financial investment in your studies. In addition to Kibo scholarships, we encourage you to apply to external scholarships and sources of funding to support your education.

Ready to build a high impact career?

Payment Options

We provide flexible payment terms and enable you to pay your tuition annually, per term, or monthly.

Pay up front

Make a single payment to cover the cost of the year

Pay per term

Split the cost of a year into four quarterly (every 3 months) payments

Earn while you learn

All students must complete an internship or industry experience to earn their diploma or degree. We have partnered with organizations to provide internships and job opportunities to qualified learners starting in Term 4. Our internship partners include

Our career services team is committed to helping every student find meaningful work opportunities, but internships and jobs are not guaranteed.