Invest in your future

Paying for an education is a significant investment. We are committed to making Kibo accessible to every learner, regardless of income.

Learn now and Pay Later with Deferred Tuition

With deferred tuition, you can borrow up to 90% of the cost of tuition each year, plus an additional amount to cover the cost of a new laptop.

Payments are not due until 6 months after graduation, and your monthly payment will be capped at 10% of your income. All admitted students are eligible for  deferred tuition.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition for full-time students is a flat fee of US$500 per quarterly term.†

Annual tuition is US$2000. The tuition costs to earn your certificate is:

  • Diploma: US$2000 (1 year, 4 terms)
  • Bachelor’s degree: US$6000 (3 years, 12 terms)

A tuition deposit of US$50 is due at the time of enrollment. You must pay this deposit to secure you spot at Kibo, and it will be applied toward your tuition balance for the year.

† If you enroll at Kibo part-time, you will pay tuition of US$30 per credit. Part-time students typically take 9-12 credits per term. All students, whether enrolled part time or full-time, are eligible for Deferred Tuition.

Which payment option is right for you?

Pay per term

  • US$500 due each term
  • US$50 enrollment deposit
  • No additional fees

Deferred Tuition

  • US$50 due each term
  • US$50 enrollment deposit
  • 2% interest rate

How to pay

We offer several options to pay your tuition, including the ability to pay in your local currency. 


You can pay using Paypal where the service is supported.

Direct bank transfer

You can make a domestic or international wire transfer in US Dollars.

Pay in local currency with Flywire.

We’ve partnered with Flywire to provide a simple way for you to pay in your local currency. Flywire supports payments via local bank transfer, credit and debit cards, and mobile money transfer. When you enroll, you will have the option to pay via Flywire.

Nigerian students: click here to see Flywire’s current exchange rate. Select Nigeria as the country payment will come from, enter US$50 as the amount, then select ‘Next’ to see the amount of Naira required.

Earn while you learn

All students must complete an internship or industry experience to earn their diploma or degree. We have partnered with organizations to provide internships and job opportunities to qualified learners starting in Term 4. Our internship partners include

Our career services team is committed to helping every student find meaningful work opportunities, but internships and jobs are not guaranteed.

Ready to build a high impact career?